Michala is a social historian that specialises in the period 1800-1950. She has a keen interest in how people lived and died in the industrial city. Her PhD thesis investigates Victorian attitudes towards death and burials.

Michala is a Lecturer of Public History at Manchester Metropolitan University and is the Unit Leader of the Radical Manchester course. Michala is passionate about teaching and in 2019 she was shortlisted for MMU’s Teacher of the Year.

Conferences / Symposiums (most recent)

2020 –  ‘A Conversation on Genealogy, the media & Public History‘, Strathclyde University

2020 – ‘Public History Centres in Europe: A Comparison of Experiences’. The paper was part of a European panel put together by Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. Associazione Italiana di Public History conference, Venice. (Paper accepted; however, conference was postponed due to Covid)

2020 – ‘Working-Class Burials in the Urban Municipal Cemetery’, ESSHC Conference, Leiden. (Paper accepted; however, conference was postponed due to Covid)

2019 – ‘Revisiting the Public Grave in the Municipal Cemetery’, University of Lincoln

2019 – ‘Constructing space through past: The connections of regional identity and cultural heritage in England and Germany. A comparison.’, Bayreuth University, Germany

2019 – ‘Seven Percent British: Using Ancestry DNA to engage the community in historical research’, Manchester Metropolitan University

2018 – ‘Public Grave Burials in the Municipal Cemetery’, York University