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Unearth the Past, is my genealogy company. I have been a professional genealogist for the past 18 years. In that time I have completed family trees for a variety of clients from teachers to Hollywood film stars. I was one of the first genealogists in the UK to promote Ancestry’s use of DNA to unearth more about a person’s past. I have worked on a variety of complex cases from adoption, illegitimacy to missing relatives.

I am one of the experts on ITV’s DNA Journey and I co-host Ancestry’s, Behind the Headlines of History podcast, and I have also made several appearances on BBC’s Heir Hunters as well as Who Do You Think You Are? I have also written for Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine.


At Unearth the past we offer a range of genealogical services. All our services come with a detailed report so you know what records we have searched and what information we have found, and copies of all the records we find.

We can help you with…

  • Family Trees:  Would you like to know more about your history but not sure where to start? Get in touch with us and we can create your family tree for you.
  • Research: We provide both private and commercial research. This may involve looking for an individual record in a record office, researching the history of a building or place, or providing specific research for the media.
  • Adoption: We also provide research and offer advice for people who are trying to find their birth parents. This can often be a complex and emotive process, however, we are on hand to help you in your search.
  • Illegitimacy: Have you hit a break wall because an ancestry was illegitimate? Well, we can help! We can do the research for you and also offer advice.
  • DNA: We can also guide you on the best DNA tests to take, explain your results and link them to your family tree.
  • Probate: If you are a solicitor or if you are interested in a family probate case, we can help you identify potential heirs.

Consultation: Before we undertake any genealogical research, we always request a one hour consultation, that includes an initial search, the price for this consultation and search is £40. From this consultation, we will provide you with a detailed plan of how we would approach the research. You can then take the plan away and carry out the research yourself, or we can complete the research on your behalf. If you would us to carry out the research, we can then give you an estimate of how long the research will take and an idea of cost.

To chat to Michala about your genealogy needs, please email and we will aim to get back to you within two working days.