Hello, and thank you for checking out my website. If you stumbled across me by accident, I am Dr Michala Hulme an award-winning historian and professional genealogist from Manchester and based at the University of Birmingham. I specialise in the period 1800-1950. My personal research interests include living and dying in Victorian Britain, with a particular focus on the experience of the working classes, crime and street gangs. I have made over 80 appearances on various BBC Radio stations and has featured in national and regional TV programmes, such as CNN, Channel 4’s Britain’s Most Historic Towns, Channel 5’s This Week on the Farm, Channel 5’s How the Victorian’s Built Britain with Michael Buerk, Channel 4’s Great Canal Journeys, BBC’s Heir Hunters, Who Do You Think You Are?, Channel 4’s Genealogy Roadshow, BBC Breakfast, Channel 5 News, BBC News and Granada News. I have written for and featured in several newspapers and magazines, such as the Mail, The Stylist, The Daily MirrorM.E.N and Who Do You Think You Are Magazine? I am a published author with the History Press – my books focus on the ‘grim’ side of living in a Victorian city. I am on the Editorial Board of the Midlands History Journal.

Latest news…

  • November 2021: Enjoyed chatting to NBC about the Royal family. You will be able to catch the interview soon.
  • November 2021: Who doesn’t love a good phonebook? Well, if you would like to know about how phonebooks can be a good source for genealogists, check out my chat on BBC Radio 4!
  • November 2021: Thoroughly enjoyed chatting to BBC Radio Sussex, BBC Sheffield and BBC West Midlands about Guy Fawkes! You can catch my bits on the BBC iplayer.
  • November 2021: The BBC are re-showing my episodes of Heir Hunters! You can check the series out now on the BBC iplayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b092ngzn/heir-hunters-series-11-18-winsermaclennan
  • October 2021: I have been filming something fabulous for ITV that airs in the spring. I wonder if you can guess one of the locations?

Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 14.24.32

  • September 2021: Back filming with Channel 4 for The Great British Dig! You will be able to catch the full programme in Spring 2022.


  • August 2021: Back filming our favourite ITV show. As soon as we can make an ‘official’ announcement I will reveal all…

Itv dublin

  • August 2021: Loved filming Channel 4’s, The Great British Dig. My episodes air in Spring 2022


  • July 2021: ***NEW BLOG POST —–>Our House The Cat and Fiddle, Macclesfield
  • June 2021: Had the privilege to film a cracking show for Channel 4! As soon as I get some pics, I will share them on here 🙂
  • May 2021: I am back on BBC Radio Lancashire and also BBC Radio Cumbria! Super excited to have a regular slot of John ‘Gilly’ Gilmore’s show at 10pm, where I will be chatting about all things family history 🙂IMG_9546
  • March 2021: Did you enjoy last night’s DNA Journey with Martin & Roman Kemp? If you missed it, you can catch it now on the ITV Player. Word of warning… make sure that you have some tissues handy!

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  • March 2021: My History Hit podcast episode is OUT NOW!! To listen —–> click here 

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  • March 2021: I have been chatting to BBC Radio Manchester & BBC Northampton about the Census. You can catch my chats on the BBC Iplayer 🙂
  • March 2021: I have recorded an episode for Dan Snow’s History Hit podcast, you will be able to catch the episode very soon 🙂

History Hit

  • March 2021: Last night’s DNA Journey with Alan Carr and Amanda Holden was a cracker!!! I hope you enjoyed it. If you missed it, you can catch it now on the ITV Player.

Michala Amanda & Alan 2

  • March 2021: Did you watch DNA Journey last night on ITV? The first episode was all about Jamie Redknapp & Freddie Flintoff following their DNA. If you missed the brilliant first episode you can catch it now on the ITV Player.F7C41186-C057-4B18-A632-FC3BA058C232 3
  • February 2021: I have recently been in Barnsley filming Channel 5’s This Week on the Farm! The programme airs on Thursday, 25th February 2021.

On the Farm

  • February 2021: Green screen time! I have been in London filming some green screen material for ITV’s DNA Journey.

DNA Journey Green Screen

  • January 2021: I am back filming with ITV’s DNA Journey in Kent. The first episode airs on Wednesday, 10th March 2021 on ITV.
  • December 2020: Terrifying tales of revenge, lust and betrayal from Manchester’s Christmas past.. —->  https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/body-cart-horsewhipping-kendals-terrifying-19508618
  • December 2020: Here is a sneaky picture from ITV’s DNA Journey – The programme is due to hit British TV screens in Spring 2021. Over the past five months, I have had a great time working with all the celebrities and crew involved in the show.

Alan Carr and me

  • December 2020: Did you watch catch Channel 4’s Great British Towns with Prof Alice Roberts? Not only did I feature on the show – hope I didn’t crack your screens, I  was also the historical consultant on that episode.
  • November/December 2020: I am taking some time off to finish two book proposals. The first proposal is for a historical non-fiction book and the second proposal is for my debut novel. Exciting times!!!

Fresh idea brainstorm

  • November 2020:  Back filming the final episode of the ITV project in Cornwall. You will get a chance to see the finished series in March 2021 🙂tempImagexa1rPq
  • November 2020: I enjoyed chatting to the fabulous students from Strathclyde University about family history and the latest projects she is working on.
  • October 2020: Last month I sat down with CNN’s Richard Quest to talk about the Industrial Revolution, Manchester and the North West. To watch the final programme click here —> https://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2020/10/27/manchester-northwest-england-quests-world-of-wonder-travel-richard-quest-spc.cnn
  • October 2020: Back in London working on the third episode of an ITV project that will hit your screens in March 2021.


  • October 2020: **New Blog** —–> Our House: The White Hart, Cheadle, Stockport
  • October 2020: Click here to read an interview with Michala for Visit Manchester
  • October 2020: Michala’s Hollingworth House blog features in this week’s Blackpool’s Gazette. To read it click here
  • October 2020: Michala has been in London working on a project for ITV. Details will be released soon…
  • October 2020: Catch Michala talking to Nish on BBC Radio Lancashire about Victorian Gaols
  • September 2020: Michala’s ‘Our House’ blogs, will run for the next three Fridays in the Blackpool Gazette. To read the first one, click here
  • September 2020: ** New Blog ** —-> ‘Our House’: The Warren Bulkeley Arms Hotel, Stockport
  • September 2020: Michala has been chatting to CNN anchor Richard Quest. You will be able to catch her on CNN in October 20200FE0C120-6292-40AA-B864-BF0427A69A8F
  • September 2020: Michala has been working with Prof Alice Roberts on her Channel 4 show ‘Great British Towns’. Michala will feature on the show and is also the historical consultant on the Manchester episode. The show will air in the autumn. 0F1B15CE-4CF8-4FC9-B134-5B97E78A1854_1_201_a
  • September 2020: Michala has been filming on the banks of the River Ribble for a new ITV show with her good friend and podcast co-host Brad Argent. 2DFC5D14-8BC4-4254-9E79-9E78D08DC314
  • September 2020: WOW!!! Michala’s last project Finding the Peterloo Eleven has been shortlisted for Research Project of the Year 2020 at the Times Awards. Click here to read more. Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 21.18.28
  • September 2020 ** NEW BLOG *** ——> Our House: The White Lion, Stockport 
  • September 2020 **NEW PODCAST IS LIVE** The ‘Our House’ podcast is now live and available on all your podcast suppliers. Click here for more info
  • September 2020 ***NEW BLOG*** —–> Our House: Hollingworth House, Albert Road, Blackpool
  • August 2020 *** NEW BLOG *** ——>Our House: Mrs Dixon’s Famous Boarding House
  • August 2020: If you like your ‘grim’ history, check out this article in the M.E.N, that Michala assisted reporter Damon Wilkinson on.
  • August 2020: *** NEW PODCAST COMING SOON *** Michala has recorded a new podcast to accompany the ‘Our House’ blog series. You will be able to hear it at all your favourite podcast places very soon
  • August 2020: *** NEW BOG SERIES *** Michala’s new blog series ‘Our House’ is now live!! CLICK HERE TO READ IT. You can also catch her on the BBC iplayer talking to John Gilmore about the first blog which looks at the history of a boarding house in Blackpool.
  • July 2020: Michala is the historical consultant and will feature on an upcoming episode of Channel 4’s Britian’s Most Historic Towns. This was due to happen at the beginning of the year, however, due to Covid filming was put on hold. Filming has now commenced again and when Channel 4 issue a transmission date, we will let you know
  • July 2020: Michala passes her PhD viva!! She is now offically Dr Hulme
  • May 2020: Michala, working with ITV, helps the family of Hilda Churchill who was the oldest victim of the Coronavirus, find the lost grave of her baby sister who died during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. To read more on this click here