Our House

My name is Michala and I collect postcards. I am aware that by divulging this, I may lose all my (it is debatable if I ever had any) street cred. However, I feel like now is the time to come clean 🙂

Anyway, apart from admiring the picture on the front and having a good nosey at the message on the back of these postcards, I have literally done nothing with them. Having spent a small fortune on them – if my other half is reading this, it was only a really small, like teeny tiny, fortune. I have now decided to do something with them.

So, welcome to my new blog called ‘Our House’. Each week, I will be choosing one of my postcards that contains a house as the main image and I will be revealing the shocking weird and wonderful history of that house. Due to the success of the first blog, we have also made a podcast to accompany the series that will be available on your favourite podcast player very soon.

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The White Hart, Cheadle, Stockport
Warren Bulkeley Arms Hotel
The White Lion, Stockport